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DUMB . . . BUT

Middle-grade school story, humor

On the same day Kimberly Shen got sick with mono, the school secretary put an open cardboard box on the corner of Principal Fogelman’s desk. Normally, neither of those events would have altered the entire course of twelve-year-old Franklin Dumebutte’s life. But that all changed when Franklin broke his teacher’s nose. And then her leg.

Completed manuscripts

Contemporary middle-grade, humor

Twelve-year-old Alexander Maxwell has exactly ten days to stop his mom from remarrying. Fortunately, he has a plan—if he can be there when his dad’s band rolls into Seattle, he can play his harmonica and convince his dad to come back home where he belongs. But one week before his dad’s gig, Alex finds himself stuck on a sailboat, heading away from Seattle with his soon-to-be step-grandpa. As Alex works to get back home, his efforts are capsized by a stubborn skipper, an unexpected fall, and a mysterious tattoo. And that’s when Alex learns it’s sometimes hard to tell which way the wind is blowing. . . .