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MUF Blog with T. P. Jagger

Yes, I blog. But I’m lazy. That means I don’t blog very often. Unfortunately, if my wife realized how lazy I was, she might force me to get a real job. That’s why I joined a group blog—From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors (MUF). And let me tell you something—group blogs are wonderful things. I only have to contribute a post every couple months, but the MUF site itself is always providing fresh content. Definitely a win-win.

Anyway, the MUF site is all middle-grade all of the time. So . . . if you’re a middle-grade writer, check out the resources on the For Writers page. Parents and teachers trying to find the perfect middle-grade book for a child should look at the vast assortment of Book Lists that have been created. And, of course, you can easily access all of my old posts, too.

Go ahead. Visit MUF and see what the Mixed-Up Files has for you.