T. P. Jagger's Bio Information


I’m an elementary school teacher turned reading specialist turned university adjunct faculty/aspiring middle-grade author. When I write, I’m “T. P. Jagger.” When I teach, I’m “Dr. J.” And the rest of the time I’m “Tim” or “Dude” or “Daddy-o” or whatever moniker fits the situation.

LONGER, BORING (but-still-true) BIO

I first dreamed of writing children’s books while working as a fourth-grade teacher. As I moved into different teaching positions—first shifting to fifth grade and then becoming a middle school reading specialist with a Ph.D. focused on reading education—my desire to write continued to grow. Now, as I continue to chase my writing dream, this website reflects my background:

  • Just like the majority of my teaching career, my writing is focused on the middle grades. (This middle-grade focus could also have something to do with the voice of the 10-year-old boy constantly rambling in my head. . . .)
  • As a teacher, I’ve often used readers’ theatre with students but found many scripts to be long and boring. If you use my original scripts, I hope you’ll find them engaging for students, and I welcome your feedback.
  • As both a teacher and writer, I know the value of powerful mini-lessons. Thus, the ongoing development of “The 3-Minute Writing Teacher” video series is meant to aid both teachers and writers (and teacher-writers!) who want to learn from brief, ready-to-apply writing tips.

I’m a longtime member of both the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) and the International Literacy Association (ILA).

COMPLETELY FICTITIOUS (except for the last part . . .) BIO

My mother gave birth to me in an Amazonian treehouse. I screamed. But that was only because of what happened when I hit the floor. Once I got the splinter out of my rear, I immediately stopped crying and wrote my first novel, The Reign-Forest.

Since then, I’ve published three thousand four hundred twenty-six novels for adults and thirty-one picture books, all of which were written in hieroglyphics. I’ve also penned an award-winning scientific work—The Buoyant Brain: Why My Brain Floats and Yours Doesn’t—under the pseudonymous guise of Dr. Doogle McGrub.

I have not yet published a middle-grade novel. But I hope that’ll change soon.